Terms Of Service and Disclaimers

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1. You must be over the legal age to use our website.
2. We never start a conversation (neither a direct message nor an email). Be aware of scammers.
4. As an aggregator, we only collect data from other monitors and show them in one place; We do NOT suggest/offer/endorse any programs listed on our website or have a banner.
5. All these posts are being published on the website automatically, and the purpose of them is for information. It is NOT a call for action.
6. All or some of the programs listed here may be illegal in your country ( depending on your country’s laws) , please check your local’s law.
7. As earlier has been mentioned, our website is an aggregator and only collects the data for information, so we are not responsible for your misunderstanding/getting scammed/… .
— Be wise and take actions wisely.
8. You are always welcomed to contact us directly and give us your suggestion or feed-back or send us proof about being scammed by a program.
To Programs Owner:
1. Programs will be published here at the time they are added to a monitor which is verified by us. (If a monitor that is listed on our website adds your program, it will be published here automatically.)
2. We have the right to change programs’ status to scam if there was evidence of scaming user(s).
3. If a monitor is trying to blackmail you, contact us directly.
Thanks for paying attention and reading this page.
Wish you all the best of luck.
WHM Team